Condoms Can't Prevent Sexually Transmitted Diseases Completely

Most people think having sex with condoms can precent sexually transmitted diseases, but they do not know and do not think having sex with condoms can’t completely prevent sexually transmitted diseases. 

Condoms can only cut off sexually transmitted diseases between the vagina and the penis, to prevent sexually transmitted diseases on the pubic hair, some patients with sexually transmitted diseases contained a large number of pathogens on their pubic hair, due to pathogens exist for a long time, patients themselves have tolerance, so there is no reaction, and form to a symbiotic relationship (STD patients), it is extremely easy to spread through sex to their partner. So those who think to use condom to be able to prevent STD transmission absolutely is wrong.

Venereal pathogens include viruses (condyloma acuminatum, AIDS, herpes simplex), bacteria (staphylococcus), fungi (candida albicans), rickettsia (syphilis), chlamydia (chlamydia trachomatis) and other microorganisms and protozoa (trichomonas). All of these are microscopically visible, these pathogens are tiny and have flagella, claws and suction cups that cling to pubic hair and cannot be removed by regular washing. So some of the foreigners are saying “Nobody wants to have sex on the forest!” It has a certain sense to it. 

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