What Do You Know About Hypnobirth and Water Birth?!

Beijing Antai Hospital is the very first hospital initiated the hypnobirth & water birth in China. When the mother is under the effects of buoyancy, temperature, massage and lubrication in the water, muscles relax completely, blood vessels dilate, blood oxygen saturation increases and the cells are more malleable in the water. By contrast, hypnotic birth focuses on psychological relaxation to eliminate fear and anxiety, and water birth is more about physical relaxation, it increases tissue elasticity, combine together, combine the use of two can reduce labor pain by 4/5, shorten labor duration by 2/3, and reduce labor injury by 1/3.
Through childbirth preparation education, the use of hypnosis and psychological intervention to reduce the pain of childbirth, Beijing Antai Hospital becomes the majority of maternal favor. It includes: breathing exercises, distraction, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, to achieve hypnosis and self-hypnosis, combining this method with water birth, it is enough to allow a woman to achieve complete physical and mental relaxation, appropriate uterine contraction, and smooth labor throughout the delivery process. Hypnosis painless water delivery has greatly reduce the use of sedative and anesthetic drugs. Not only does it increase the rate of natural delivery, but it also reduces labor injuries.
Couples learn to self hypnosis to relax their muscles at Beijing Antai Hospital’s training course, it gives the uterus maximum space to contract and relax without feeling overwhelming pain, when the uterine contraction signals come, the mother automatically begins using the breathing methods and relaxes, the mother only feels the happiness of natural birth, she will not experience intense fear nor notice the associated pain, although some discomfort is still inevitable, but much less so. Of course, medical help is needed in cases of abnormal fetal position, fetal distress, umbilical cord or placental complications.

Hypnotic birth has been successfully used to alleviate the internal and external stresses associated with childbirth, some mothers don’t feel labor pain while they are hypnotized on the spot or preconditioned, as long as the mother maintains a relaxed level, her blood pressure, blood flow and hormones are maintained at a good level, all of these help mothers who give birth naturally and their babies, the baby's heart rate will maintain within a normal range, due to the proper contractions of the uterus, combined with a good supply of oxygen and blood, mother will feel good and the baby will be more comfortable during delivery, the birth canal expands and advances smoothly at each stage of delivery, allowing the baby to rotate down into the birth canal in a good position to be born, delivery is more automatic, by relaxing the perineum so that the mother's body does not produce unnecessary tissue, organs, and muscle damage, baby’s head and body will not hurt because of the rotation during delivery.
Hypnotic and water birth are also conducive to postpartum recovery, maternal is less tiring compare to traditional delivery. The delivery of the placenta and bleeding is very little, so the postpartum recovery is much faster, and the mother’s milk is often plentiful after the birth of a very short time, baby is also benefit from a relaxed mother's breastfeeding right away.
Through clinical practice, Beijing Antai Hospital believes that hypnotic birth and water birth are suitable for all expectant mothers to learn, it benefits mother and benefits child, it is a scientific and practical delivery method, it is necessary to vigorously promote.
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