Is Vaginitis a Venereal Disease (STD)?!

Is vaginitis a venereal disease (STD)?! 

Most of childbearing age vaginitis should be consider as STD. The reason why is because the hormones are normal during this period of time, it’s rare to see resistance drops, and they are sexually active, vaginitis is often synonymous with STD.

But this period of STD is more of mixed type, as i mentioned in my previous article, its infectivity cannot easily blocked by condoms, the big destructive cannot heal itself. Men who promiscuous with multiple women are the most common source of infection, and women often the victims.

Conventional treatment is not effective, it is best to use Ozone to completely eradicate vaginal microorganisms, replaced with new bacteria. Beijing Antai Maternity Hospital charges 5000RMB for each time of bacteria replacement. 

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