The Case of a Natural Birth/ Water Birth

At 3 o’clock in the morning, with a crystal cry that came out from the labor room, what began as stressful atmosphere had turned into joyous one.
Mrs. Deng, who is from Guangdong Province, gave birth to a girl who weighted 3 kilo grams with the help of Dr Liu Guixia. She has scarred uterus due to C-section surgery and was transferred from Beijing Tongren Hospital.

Mrs. Deng was hospitalized on Sept 21 and experienced contractions at 7 pm. At 9 pm, Mrs Deng sat down in waterbirth tub to relieve the labor pain. Since this fetus was breech presentation and she once had distress but with the help of staff, Mrs. Deng finally delivered her baby with natural birth.
Beijing Antai Hospital’s experts suggest that to avoid having a scarred uterus, one should choose natural birth in the first place, but there are some qualifications one should meet beforehand. If the fetal head is too big then the chances are big for the baby to be stuck in the birth canal.
Beijing Antai Hospital’s experts also suggest that pregnant women should pay attention on diet and try not to eat too much otherwise the fetus would become macrosomia. Researches have been shown that it’s easier for macrosomia to be suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes compared with the normal weighted fetus.

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