Vulval Leukoplakia: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

White plaques -Vulval leukoplakia lesions
Vulval white plaques also known as vulval leukoplakia lesions, vulval dysplasia, vulval dystrophy, and so on. Its incidence is about 5 to 10 % of the total number of women, it’s not contagious, but its heritability is very high. 
Causes of vulval leukoplakia  
The etiology of vulval leukoplakia is not clear, but it should be treated earlier because it is mostly the vulva precancerous lesions. 
Symptoms of vulval leukoplakia
The manifestations of vulval leukoplakia are vulva local hypopigmentation, white hair, itching, burning, dry hypertrophic skin, even atrophy fester, all of them will seriously affect the quality of patients’ life. White plaques firstly occur inside and outside the labia and clitoris, then spread to the inner labia. The white plaques area can be located in the whole vulva, perineal area and around the anus. 

vulval leukoplakia treatment
Vulval leukoplakia Treatment
1. General treatment: the patient should pay attention to clean and dryness of vulva skin, prohibit using soap or other stimulant drug to scrub, also avoid the scratch of the hand and the instrument. Don’t eat spicy and allergic food, wear more comfortable clothes, and to stop hot and humid stasis to aggravate vulval leukoplakia, the patient should avoid wearing breathable chemical fiber underwear. 
2. The local hormone treatments are mainly to control local itching. 
3. One of the surgical treatments is vulvotomy, the other is laser treatments. 
The gene therapy at Beijing Antai Hospital is the most advanced and effective method to treat vulval leukoplakia in china, it is completely different from the traditional treatment, the traditional treatment of vulval leukoplakia can only achieve a very small short-term effect, such as long-term or improper treatment will produce toxic side effects, or even aggravating the deterioration of the disease. The advanced, scientific and effective gene therapy can achieve great effect of treating both symptoms and root causes of vulval leukoplakia.  

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