Wrapped Clitoris, Abnormal Labia and Hymen Repair at Beijing Antai Hospital

Because woman with wrapped clitoris has long clitoral prepuce so she can’t have enough sexual stimulation during sexual activities. It can lead to low sexual desire or orgasm disorders. Beijing Antai Hospital has initiated clitoral exposure surgery, it only takes 10 minutes to finish the surgery, the operation has no pain, and no need to remove stitches, the patient can have sex after one week of recovery. 
The patient who have had clitoral exposure surgery said “i usually don’t have any orgasms, i have never been pregnant for many years, and i used to be sexual apathy, but now i can have many orgasms during sex after surgery, and now i am pregnant within the month after surgery.” 

hymen repair
Abnormal labia  
Whether The labia is too long or bilateral asymmetry will make women feel psychologically uncomfortable, such as local friction and obstacles, sexual discomfort, orgasm delay or lack of orgasm, etc. Some patients are even blamed by their husbands. For men, the standard vulva is a high-grade artwork, it can arouse the interest of opposite sex and create attractions. 
It is reasonable to ask for long and asymmetrical labia, the labia can be very smooth, natural, and feel great after plastic surgery. 
Hymen repair can be done without surgery. Protein glue is a hymen repair stunt at Antai, it can immediately glue the hymen with no pains.  
Beijing Antai Hospital’s experts indicate compare with the traditional artificial hymen suture surgery, our repair is less time, more convenient, safer and has great postoperative effect. There is no side effects, and is the highest level of hymen repair.

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