Special Technique: Ozone disinfection Plus Flora Replacement Treating Vaginitis

The causes of vaginitis
According to the different pathogenic microorganisms of infection, vaginitis is divided into two categories, one is simple infection as trichomonas vaginitis and candida vaginitis; the other is multiple infections as bacterial infection plus viral infetion, fungal infection plus iplasma infection. According to the types of pathogenic microorganisms infected it can be divided into bacterial, fungal, protozoal, viral and so on. 

vaginitis treatment
Examinations of vaginitis

Gynecological examination, colposcopy and secretion laboratory test are the examinations of vaginitis. 
The world health organization classifies candida vaginitis and trichomoniasis aas sexually transmitted diseases. Both vaginitis can be transmitted sexually. Trichomonas can live in the reproductice tract and mainly in the urethra, both in women and in men, and even the bladder. It can be transmitted after sexual intercourse because male genital trichomonas normally has no symptoms. 
You should know bad habits can causes vaginitis.  
Can disinfected washing machine cause vaginitis? Maybe many people never think about it, but in fact, almost every washing machine contains mycete. Most of the mycete on clothes comes from washing machine in healthy surveys, and the more frequently you wash your clothes, the more mycete you will get. Therefore, it is important to remember to regularly soak the washing machine bucket with hot water above 60 degrees celsius becuase mycete is afraid of high temperature. High temperature above 60 degrees celsius will make them disappear immediately. 
Do not wash your underwear and socks together.  
Bacteria that live in different places spread easily to each other, if you have dermatophytosis, wash your underwear and socks together could be the primary cause for vaginitis and its recurrence if you have dermatophytosis. So, it’s better to wash your underwear and socks separately.  
The choice of choosing soap and lotion is very important. 
Frequent use of medicated detergents or lotions to clean the vulva is also a cause of vaginitis. You should know that clean your vulva with clear water everyday already enough. What else need to take note is using protection pad frequently is not clean as well. Because it forms a closed environment that easily destroys the vaginal inherent microenvironment, and reduces the vagianl self-antibacterial ability. Therefore, instead of clean it everyday in many different ways, you should buy a dozen of cotton panties at one time, and change it every day for every 3 months. 
The body’s resistance reduces during pregnancy, and vaginal sugar increases, which will lead to vaginitis easily, especially common in mycotic vaginitis. the pregnant woman with vaginitis will be very itchy, the vaginitis can be very severe while she is afraid of applying any medications. 
Beijing Antai Hospital has developed the green treatment of bacterial replacement after sterilization with ozone. It is to use a catheter into the vagina and swithc on the ozone machine after vaginal irrigation, it can be done in fifteen mins. The ozone can not only kill all microorganisms (pathogenic bacteria and normal flora) in the vagina, it can also improve the hyperkeratosis of the vaginal epithelium, it increases its resistance, at this time, inoculate vaginal mycobacterium to the posterior fornix, the vagina will be normal and full of nromal flora after a few days. 
The advantage of our treatment is the ozone disinfection and antibiotic are different, it doesn’t have residue after sterilization, it is not only pollution free, but also raises the epithelial oxygen content and increases the hyperkeratosis. Inoculated mycobacterium is a pure vaccine cultivated in the laboratory for many years, it doen’t contains any miscellaneous bacteria, it can be survived and reproduced in the vagina easily, and the normal vaginal flora can be quickly restored. Ozone disinfection plus flora replacement is a very protective and effective treatment in our hospital. It would be the favorite and only option for pregnant women.   

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