Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms, Causes, Examinations, and Treatment

Ectopic pregnancy refers to the gestation sac implanted in other locations outside the uterine cavity, 90% of ectopic pregnancy are tubal pregnancy. 
Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms 
The common symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are acute abdominal pain, short term amenorrhea and irregular vaginal bleeding, and most of the patients has primary or secondary infertility history. One side of fallopian tubes may experience distended and tender during examination; the patient will have hemorrhagic shock while internal bleeding occurs. Auxiliary examination method can be used for diagnosis if the patient still has suspicion. 
Ectopic Pregnancy Causes 
The fallopian tube ectopic pregnancy factors are tubal blockage, tubal pelvic adhesion, tubal malformation, tubal fat sag, extra fallopian tube, incomplete fimbriae, etc. The uterus factors are uterine mediastinum, mild intrauterine adhesion, IUD, etc. The pelvic factors are pelvic adhesion, overweight, pelvic peritoneal defects, etc. To avoid any more ectopic pregnancies, all of these factors can be treated with ectopic pregnancy at the same time. 
Ectopic Pregnancy Examinations
The patient should be highly suspected as ectopic pregnancy if her urine pregnancy test is positive (or exceeding blood HCG), and the foetal sac was not discovered by vaginal 4D color ultrasound; the diagnosis should be confirmed one week later if there is still no foetal sac. 
Notes: it’s actually hard to find the foetal sac, so you shouldn’t expect to find one. Do not wait until abdominal pain and pelvic bleeding occurs, because it will be too late; most patients don’t have significant amenorrhea at all. 

Ectopic Pregnancy Symptoms, Causes, Examinations, and Treatment
Ectopic Pregnancy Treatment
北京安太医院3D微创技术治宫外孕,不开刀不切除输卵管保留生育能力, 将胚胎移入宫内胚胎继续生长,同时治疗宫外孕病因以免重蹈复辙! 腹壁美观无瘢痕,无创伤! 
The minimally invasive technology of treating ectopic pregnancy at Beijing Antai Hospital doesn’t require laparotomy and salpingectomy to reserve fertility, the embryo can be transferred into the uterine cavity to continue pregnancy. The causes of ectopic pregnancy will be treated at the same time to avoid recurrence. The patient’s abdomen will be perfect with no scars and no traumas. 
No. 1 innovation is to extract embryo under 3D laparoscopy without salpingectomy, the cause of ectopic pregnancy can be determined while preserving patient’s fertility; 
No. 2 innovation is to extract embryo under 3D laparoscopy and to transfer the embryo into uterine cavity to continue pregnancy; 
  C. 三大创新——腹腔镜虽微创,但腹部仍留下三个小疤,美中不足,经阴道前穹窿进镜下取出胚胎妙不可言!这是陈凤林第200项创新手术!-也是宫外孕取胚宫内手术继续妊娠续篇。
No. 3 innovation is the abdomen still leaves 3 small scars even the laparoscopy is minimally invasive, embryo extraction through vagina is a wonderful technique. It is the 200th innovative operation of Dr. Fenglin Chen, it’s also the sequel of embryo extractive surgery to continue pregnancy. 
Dr. Fenglin Chen at Beijing Antai Hospital indicates that patients with a history of ectopic pregnancy should undergo dynamic digitization hsterosalpingography (HSG) and 4D color ultrasound to evaluate the risk index of ectopic pregnancy. And for patients with a history of secondary infertility, they can chose to undergo unique technique of tubal dredge to achieve pregnancy at Beijing Antai Hospital. 

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