Hibernation is The Best Way to Kill COVID-19


People who are infected with COVID-19 didn’t die from the virus itself, they’ve dead from the body’s excessive immune response to the virus. COVID-19 is the same as other single-virus, it can only proliferate on the host cells which is the human lungs. Currently, there are no direct killing and suppression drugs, and the infection will not lead to death because an infection would be cleared by the body’s immune system. However, COVID-19 has never been exposed to humans and it belongs to a new and exotic virus. So the excessive immune response will occur after a patient’s lung got infected. It means a lot of inflammatory cells will build up, the alveoli will be filled and blocked after inflammatory cells secreted a lot of free radicals accompanied with exudate of tissue fluid. So the lungs will loose their ability to exchange gases and suffocate to death. Therefore, the patients who are strong and have strong immune systems are more likely to die after infection.  
COVID-19 has 5 known variants of A,B,C,D and E. The infection prevention and early intervention are the only way to resist COVID-19 because the development of vaccine is not a short process. The specific measures are living like some animals, hiding in the nest for hibernation, don’t eat any food except drinking, get more sleep, try to lose weight, all of this will lower your resistance. it will minimize the risk of any infections by not connecting with other people. Even if you are infected with COVID-19, the lung function will be retained because the hibernation have lowered your resistance and immune response, plus the early use of the glucocorticoids further reduced your body’s immune response to the virus. Although there is an increased chance of getting infected from other pathogenic microorganisms in this way, but there is always a way to prevent death from the disease we’ve already knew. 

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