The Case of Vaginal Mediastinum

Vaginal mediastinum
is a congenital disease that occurs very rare. The patient should have the treatment in time after diagnosis, otherwise, it will affect her sex life. Here is one of the true cases: 
The patient was admitted to Beijing Antai Hospital for emergency treatment since she had difficultly in sexual intercourse after marriage. She was not comfortable talking about her condition at the very beginning. 
The result of her examination were urethral relaxation, unbroken hymen and with no ulceration.   
She was diagnosed with urethral relaxation, 1 finger can enter her urethra directly, so the experts of Beijing Antai Hospital considering the patient had sex from urethra. There were 2 holes at the vaginal vestibule, and there were only a thickness of 3mm tissue between 2 holes, the upper hole was relaxed, the lower hole was the hymenal ring and it’s hypertrophy.   
Therefore, our doctor reinforced the urethral opening after cutting the vaginal mediastinum from the top of the cervix. 
The operation went very well, there was no more sex disorders anymore since her postoperative recovery was very well. The patient has full of hope after she regained her confidence again. She also reminds all of her friends to see a doctor in time if their bodies fells ill. 

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