Pelvic Adhesion Caused by Induced Abortion

She has been seeing doctors and taking medicines for 7 years after her infertility caused by induced abortion. To treat her infertility, Beijing Antai Hospital separated her severe pelvic adhesion in an hour. 

induced abortion

She underwent induced abortion in 2003, and she underwent laparoscopic surgery due to ovarian cyst in Peking Union Medical College Hospital in 2008. The doctor told her family that she has severe adhesion, it’s better to have IVF after removing her fallopian tube, and her family refused. One of the doctors recommended her to come to Beijing Antai Hospital after she tried intervention and physical therapy.

She underwent pelvic adhesion separation and biological anti-adhesion surgery after being admitted to the hospital. One day, she called us to tell us she was pregnant and delivered her son successfully.

Pelvic adhesion is very common gynecological disease, which occurs more often in the sequelae of various operations. It can lead to abdominal pain, and infertility directly in severe cases. The adhesion can be more serious if they try to separate the adhesion. Only the good anti-adhesion surgery can treat it completely. Beijing Antai Hospital carries out 3D laparoscopic separation surgery and places biological anti-adhesion diaphram to cure it once and for all.

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