The 3D endoscopic surgery is better for pelvic inflammatory pyosalpinx

The 3D endoscopic surgery is better for pelvic inflammatory pyosalpinx

Pyosalpinx in the ovary can cause ovarian abscess, it can also dilate the fallopian tube to cause adhesion. It is called tubal ovarian abscess and pyosalpinx. Beijing Antai Hospital invented a very effective and painless anti-inflammatory rapid treatment for pyosalpinx under 3D laparoscopic.

She has been very busy because she is the leader of the company. She didn’t know what the reason was when she started to having yellow, smelly vaginal purulent secretion 1 week ago, and she felt sick and dizzy. She thought she was catching a cold or she was just too tired, so she took a long time rest. But the symptoms got worse after 4 days, and she appeared anus prolapse. She felt tired, cold, sick and headache after she started to have abdominal pain 1 day later.  

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She has been diagnosed with acute pelvic inflammation after gynecological examination at our hospital. We found she has pyosalpinx in her left fallopian tube and pyoovarium after a reasonable anti-inflammatory treatment. She had a rest for a few days after we cleaned it up. We’ve saved her left fallopian tube and ovary since Mrs. L’s abdominal pain, fever and so on has disappeared.

Pyosalpinx can occurs repeatably. Especially with the connection of bowel canal inside pelvic cavity. It can cause mixed infection. The remaining pyosalpinx can also be provoked by the outside world when the body’s resistance is weakened. Gynecological examination and sexual life can lead to acute attack if the patient is too tired. It will reoccurs before and after menstruation caused by local congestion. As a result of repeated attacks, the fallopian tube wall is thickened due to highly fibrotic, and it will cause adjacent organs adhesion. Pyosalpinx can be treated with adequate anti-inflammatory therapy and is now more commonly treated with 3D laparoscopy. It has quick recovery and causes little trauma. 

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