Chocolate cysts were removed successfully in Beijing Antai Hospital

chocolate cyst removal
Chocolate cyst can not only lead to infertility due to formation of ovarian and tubal adhesion, it can also damage the pelvic tissue due to implantation of chocolate cyst. To achieve the dream of being a mother for infertility patients, Beijing Antai Hospital removes chocolate cyst completely from ovary under endoscopy. 
She is a thirty-one years old woman with dysmenorrhea. The B ultrasound has showed her right and left ovary has chocolate cysts after she was examined in a hospital in Beijing 10 months ago. They were suggested her to have hysterectomy and she refused. Her hormone showed the function of her ovary was low after 6 months. Her right fallopian tube was blocked, and her left fallopian tube was very narrow; they suggested her to have IVF and she refused again. 
Finally, she came to Beijing Antai Hospital through the introduction of a friend, our experts removed both side of her chocolate cysts under laparoscopy, separated the pelvic adhesion, examined her uterine cavity under hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, and tested both side of her fallopian tubes with fluid to see if they have been dredged. She got pregnant 3 months after the operation. She was very happy to come to our hospital to prevent miscarriage and to plan for the waterbirth in the future. 
Beijing Antai Hospital’s experts has years of clinical experiences, we don’t only have the domestic first-class endoscope and the international advanced technology of hysteroscopy, but also have laparoscopy and technique of intervention treatment. All of it has made us in line with the world health organization standards to treat chocolate cyst of ovary and perform micro-laparoscopic dissection of cyst. We don’t recommend laparotomy and hysterectomy. We use the most fine small instrument, the most professional technology and the most economic price to help every patient to become healthy again. 

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