How Much Do You Know About Chromosomal Balanced Translocation?!

There are many misleading diagnoses of miscarriage and infertility every day, chromosomal balanced translocation is one of it, you will understand the heretical ideas that parents' chromosomal problems will lead to miscarriage and infertility through out today’s article.


37 years old Haschmut is No. 10 and 15 chromosomal balanced translocation, she has had several recurrent abortions before. Local doctors determined it was due to a 10 or 15 chromosomal balanced translocation and told them to give up hope. But Haschmut never gives up, she searched the invented patents and treatments for recurrent spontaneous abortion from Beijing Antai Hospital online. So she came to the hospital and has been diagnosed of uterine mediastinum by dynamic digital hysterography and 4D ultrasonography of the vagina. Anti-embryo antibody was also positive, followed by combined uterine and abdominal surgery, mediastinal separation and pear-shaped stent along with immunotherapy. We’ve received her messages yesterday via WeChat saying “ Dear Dr. Chen, I’m Haschmut, do you still remember me? I was a patient undergoing chromosomal balance translocation in treatment at Beijing Antai Hospital, I am now 8 months pregnant, I would love to go to Antai hospital for water birth, I’ve had my first babe by C-section, I’m now pregnant with twins at age of 37, my first baby is 13 now. I’m wondering if I can have a natural birth this time and have confinement in the hospital?” 


Dr. Fenglin Chen replied:

We are thrilled to have you back for water birth. First, you did break the heretical ideas that parents' chromosomal problems will lead to miscarriage; Second, it proves that the technology of birth aid is exquisite beyond compare; Moreover, it is a natural expression of the Mongolian people to try to have twins naturally after previous C-section. Our water birth center gives a chance to C-section, twins, and breech mothers a chance to have their baby naturally, as our confinement facilities are high graded!


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