The Case of Uroclepsia

Yanzi is a beautiful and elegant health solider. At age of 18, she was attached by an officer who was 24 years older than her. The officer divorced his wife to be with Yanzi when she was 19. Soon after that, she gave birth to a son at age of 20.

The happiness didn’t last long, she couldn’t hold her urine after giving birth to her son, laughing and coughing made it worse, she has to use diaper all the time, along with unpleasant odor. She forced to change her job and the officer found someone else.

She divorced last year, she came to Beijing Antai Hospital the other day, I have treated her with reconstruction of the circumflex urethra surgery, abdominal pressure test showed no uring leakage during surgery. Beijing Antai Hospital’s technique helped Yanzi to have a normal happy life again.

Many women can’t hold their urine after giving birth, pee on their pants, coughing and laughing make uroclepsia worse, it’s called tension uroclepsia, the cause is a tearing of the urethral sphincter during childbirth, plus the pelvic floor loose, lead to the loss of the circumflex urethra. The reconstruction of the circumflex urethra surgery of Beijing Antai Hospital can help uroclepsia patient to recover urethral sphincter, this technique has helped tens of thousands of uroclepsia patients in the last ten years. 

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