It’s Useless to Stay in Bed with Threatened Abortion

The rescue opportunity of cervix relaxation or cervix becomes short are fleeting, because the relaxation is caused by fetal growth, and the second trimester is the fastest growing period for baby. Cervical relaxation after pregnancy will cause cervix open, cervix becomes short, afterbirth move down and bulge. Truth to be told, activity will not increase the risk of miscarriage and stay in bed will be useless after cervix is open. The patient should come to Beijing Antai Hospital to embedding the band once she has been diagnosed with cervical relaxation. She can choose to sign the contract to embedding the band. She needs to know there are chances to save the baby, never give up for more, otherwise she has to wait until the next pregnancy to have preventive embedding before pregnancy. There is one more thing, staying in bed for a long time can cause the placenta and uterus to grow abnormally and increasing the chance of hemorrhage (bleeding).

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