How Many Types of Cervical Relaxation Are There?

How many types of cervical relaxation are there?- congenital cervical relaxation

How many types of cervical relaxation/ cervical insufficiency are there? 

Does cervical relaxation and cervical insufficiency has anything to do with recurrent miscarriage
1.Congenital cervical relaxation/ cervical insufficiency: about 30% of patients with cervical insufficiency are caused by congenital factors, often accompanied with dysplasia of the Mullerian ducts, such as unicornate uterus or uterus mediastinum, may also be a cervical histological defect and cervical inefficiency elastin content. 
2.Acquired  cervical relaxation/ cervical insufficiency: acquired cervical relaxation normally occurs after obstetrics and gynecologic surgery, such as uncaring induced abortion, cervical dilation, cervicoconectomy (conization of the cervix) and untimely suture of cervical laceration during delivery; it may also secondarily occurs in the lower part of the uterus or cervix after the change of anatomical structure, such as fibroids. 
3.Physiologic cervical relaxation/ cervical insufficiency: some scholars believe that the cervix plays a role of functional sphincter during pregnancy, the cervical sphincter will reduce if the patient has subclinical uterine contraction or hypotonic cervix. 
Beijng Antai Hospital carries out contracted treatment for cervical embedding under hysteroscopy to treat cervical relaxation and short cervix, we call the biological coil as Antai Coil, the surgery is to place an Antai Coil into the cervix to prevent late miscarriage, it is like placing a ring directly to the cervix, and it is better to undergo the surgery before pregnancy. 

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