The Commitment Of Treating Fibroids At Beijing Antai Hospital

The summary of fibroids
Fibroids also knows as uterine leiomyoma, it is the most common benign tumors of female genitalia. 
The symptoms of fibroids
The symptoms of fibroids are menorrhagia, prolonged or irregular menstruation, the hardness of the lower abdomen occurs pain or tenderness, or accompanied with anemia. Some women have no obvious symptoms are found by regular examination. The reason why is because of the body’s estrogen level is too high, or relates to a long term estrogen stimulation. 
The examination of fibroids 
Examinations of fibroids are 4D color ultrasound and 6 hormone examinations by electrochemical luminescence, and to assist the diagnosis we need to undergo hysteroscopy-laparoscopy necessarily.  
The commitment of treating fibroids at Beijing Antai Hospital: 

treatment of fibroid
The first 4 stands for 4 regardless conditions, which are no matter the size of the fibroids, no matter the number of the fibroids, no matter where the fibroids, and no matter the patient has fetility requirements; 
No. 1 stands for one treatment method, which is undergo hysteroscopy-laparoscopy to remove the fibroids; 
The following 4 stands for 4 guarantees, which are no laparotomy, no hysterectomy, no residual and no blood transfusion. 
This is the 414 policy of treating fibroids at Beijing Antai Hospital. Our hospital’s laparoscopic technology is proficient, and well equipped, which including electronic stereo hysteroscopy-laparoscopy, mircrowave knife, blood recovery machine, plus the integrated application of special probe of laparoscopy and gasless abdomen technology. 
The summary of fibroids

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