Revival of Beijing Antai Hospital

New Year Message from President Fenglin Chen at Beijing Antai Hospital

Shanghai Kang Jing Equity Funds Partnership (L.P.) has returned managerial authority to Beijing Antai Hospital in the beginning of 2019. Beijing Antai Hospital’s concept and technology has gradually come into play. Beijing Antai Hospital’s team has gradually stabilized after being winnowed out and renewed.  

YANG Huanling, CHEN Fengseng, LV Hongyu, etc. have step in to reorganize the team, we have determined the four primary businesses of recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA), infertility, hyperemesis and waterbirth after a year of hard working, and started the revival of Beijing Antai Hospital.

In 2019, with a success rate of almost 100%, Beijing Antai Hospital has accomplished remarkable technical achievements, which including successfully prevented 50 early miscarriages, 30 postoperative pregnancies, 45 cases of hyperemesis and 43 cases of cervical band embedding; not to mention 4 cases of intestinal mucosa transplant for vaginal repair and 1 of MRKH Syndrome have moved Beijing Antai Hospital’s operation of MRKH Syndrome to the next level.

Integrated date indicates that the accuracy of 3D laparoscopic surgery of Beijing Antai Hospital has been greatly improved. The quality of obstetrics has also been improved with the concept of gentle birth and the technique of water birth. The total number of deliveries was 147 along with Cesarean rate of 6.7%, which including 13 cases of VBAC, 58 cases of emergency delivery, and the secondary obstetric acceptance has received a good reputation by urban experts.

There were also 4 technological innovations in 2019, namely excision of ectopic lesion, application of hyperbaric oxygen chamber, intestinal mucosa transplant for vaginal repair and cholelithotomy. It not only broadens its business scope, but also further develops the medical quality of Beijing Antai Hospital.

Beijing Antai Hospital has not only paid off all its debits, but also became a profitable enterprise in 2019. The total income for employees has increased by 17%.

In 2019, the financial work was in good order after Beijing Antai Hospital has replaced the accountant and cashier. The work of human resource was legalized. The marketing department has won back some previous customers by rebuilt the market; the customer service team is stable and efficient, the utilization rate of the ward was increasing, the writing of medical records was standardized, and the difficulty of surgery was gradually increasing; family planning has also steadily increased. The operating room is still an advance collective, LIU Jianming, ZHANG guangrong, GUAN Huiyang, and ZHANG Ying have inherited the spirit, concept and technology of Beijing Antai Hospital.

MA Yuancheng holds several positions, which including medical department, surgical & technical guidance and the second chief of personnel section; although there were less worker and more work at pharmacy, but they have drove a hard bargain to complete the task. Laboratory was unity and harmony and have increased income and reduced expenditure; B ultrasound department’s advanced technology has increased the clinical diagnosis; director SU of X-ray room expands the market to support Beijing Antai Hospital’s new policy.

Administrative department was developing step by step under the leadership of CHEN Fengsen, he had actively carried out public relations and outreach work to improve the relations between National Healthy and Planning Commission and the hospital. He has not only hired a legal counsel to file Beijing Antai Hospital’s equity arbitration, but also assisted with the investigation after ZHANG Liang’s arrest, not to mention charged ZHAO Qingxiu, decorated the dormitory, rationalized the procurement of medicines, replaced energy-saving lamps and some of the old equipments.
There were three winners at Beijing Antai Hospital in 2019, YANG Huanling was the first person to earn an annual income of nearly 5 million RMB. XUE Yingzhi won the first prize in technical progress, she has not only obtained the obstetrical midwife certificate, but also excelled in the treatment of adenomyosis and forbids under 3D laparoscopic surgery. TAN Deying attracted most of the patients, and converted 1000 patients a year, the Hospital has rewarded them with a trip to Singapore.

LV Hongyu, MAO Xiaoli, ZHAO Shan, REN Wenjuan, HAI Leilei, LIU Mei and SUN Gengyu took up leadership in 2019.

REN Juan has not only stabilized nursing team in the clinical, but also supported B ultrasound room and guided LI Rui of human resource department.

WANG Hong had 40 visits of inspection and 10 times of medical dispute. She has became one of the matured leaders in the hospital. The hospital decided to hire her an assistant as a reward.
HE Yuanhua worked in a long distant to revitalize the network marketing.

MAO Xiaoli was a model of customer relations with one of the highest patient conversion rate, she has resolved many disputes and was a practitioner of Beijing Antai Hospital’s philosophy and technology, hire her an assistant as a reward.  

LI Lijun and LIU Mei have a rapid progress of study, both of them have became the technical key member of Beijing Antai Hospital.

FAN Aiguo has been well practicing with the concept of waterbirth and been good at teaching.

WANG Yaru, ZHANG Jie and ZHANG Ji have great attitude at work, they have won a good reputation for the hospital by been praised by almost every patients.  

The customer service department of Beijing Antai Hospital was a unity and endeavor collective, they took work very practical and serious, especially HAI Leilei, WANG Huan, CHEN Lihong, ZHANG Rui, WANG Xueqin, etc. They have made outstanding contributions to the hospital.

BI Xiuying worked with positive attitude, and was the pioneer of postpartum rehabilitation and DAZHONG Dianping (media app).

SUN Gengyu has helped with redecorating the dormitory, he has not only did a fine work, but also helped the hospital to save the cost.

After CHEN Mao returned to the team, she took the hospital as a family and conscientiously played a model role.

In addition, ZHU Sairong and YANG Shuhua as the former dean and business dean of the hospital have been the heart of Beijing Antai Hospital, they are an indispensable important foreign aid to the hospital.

Of course, there were unsatisfying areas in 2019, such as lack of cohesion, the number of outpatient visits were not as many as the year before last year, and there were still rooms for compression in spending. For example, add light switches and so on. In addition, the income of some employees needs to be raised. The implementation of the staff manual was not in place, and self-inspection was not normalized.

In 2020, we are planning to increase the marketing of WeChat, add and carry out cholelithotomy, capsule gastroscope and other projects. Reinforce staff marketing and expand the team of Antai messenger (introduction of patient from patient), carry out SEO on Google, establish the website in English and Russian. Carry out the scientific research work of “Cervical repair of late miscarriages”, “Study on the relationship between primary early miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities”, “Analysis on the relationship between late secondary miscarriages and conization of cervix”.

Our hospital is a hospital that can really cure the disease, our hospital is a hospital with commitments, our hospital is a high-tech enterprise, our employees own the hospital themselves. In 2020, we shall not only make requirements for the marketing strategy, but also necessary to gradually establish our own unique enterprise management culture and values.

At last, i wish all employees at Beijing Antai Hospital a healthy, ambitious and happy new year! May Beijing Antai Hospital be prosperous and thriving in the New Year. 

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