A Patient Who Has Had Five Late Miscarriages

Mrs. Liu is a thirty-five years old woman who has had five times of late miscarriages.


She was pregnant for the 1st time in 2002, she felt abdominal pain at twenty-four weeks, but she had a late miscarriage even after she had one day treatment of preventing miscarriage.

In 2004 and 2005, she was pregnant again, and she lost the baby both after eighteen weeks respectively. The local doctor’s diagnosis was cervical incompetence.

She was pregnant for the forth time in 2006, and she had cervical cerclage at fourteen weeks, but she had another miscarriage three weeks later.  

In 2007, she was pregnant for the fifth time in 2007, and she had another cervical cerclage at sixteen weeks of her pregnancy, there was uterine contraction after surgery, she had another recurrent miscarriage after three days of preventing miscarriage.

In 2009, she found out about Beijing Antai Hospital’s cervical embedding surgery online, so she came to our hospital. Our expert has diagnosed her as cervical insufficiency by uterine dilatation.

She has had five late miscarriages totally. In may 2010, she had the cervical embedding surgery at our hospital before getting pregnant, the surgery was very successful and she had been hospitalized for five days, she tried to be pregnant after two months. She did get pregnant in December, and she decided to come and live in Antai to prevent miscarriage because she was too nervous about the baby. In the end, she finally gave birth to a 3.5kg baby boy safely. 

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