Late Recurrent Miscarriage Patient Finally Had A Baby

Late recurrent miscarriage patient had her 11th baby at Beijing Antai Hospital 

late miscarriage
Mrs. Zhang is a woman with late recurrent miscarriage. The whole faimly were happy for her when she was pregnant for the 1st time at age of  twenty-five, but good things not last long, her water suddenly broke when she was pregnant more than five months, her cervix was open after examined at the local hospital, so she had a recurrent miscarriage. She did get pregnant for nine other times after this, they all followed by a recurrent miscarriage at five or six months, the local hospital has diagnosed her with cervical insufficiency, and three of her cervical cerclage were all without any effects. She was having a really hard time and her marriage was on the line after went through so many recurrent miscarriage
Mrs. Zhang didn’t find a good treatment method after went to so many doctors, so she started to searching online, and she found out about the cervical embedding surgery to treat cervical  insufficiency at Beijing Antai Hospital, it can also be treated with contracted treatment. She held her last hope came to Antai after talking to our patient on the internet. 
After being treated with cervical embedding surgery at Beijing Antai Hospital, she was pregnant again after six months. Because she was too nervous about the baby, so she had her husband to moved to our hospital with her to preventing another recurrent miscarriage after being pregnant for three months. 
The preventing miscarriage process has been going very well, she started to worry about the baby after being pregnant for five months, she needed to ask our expert everyday about the baby, because she felt safe when she met with one of our experts. Time flies, she had a baby boy by cesarean in 2014, she is very grateful to Beijing Antai Hospital because we have made her dream of being a mother come true. 

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