The Case of Late Recurrent Miscarriage Caused By Cervical Relaxation

I became a father because of Beijing Antai Hospital's technique of cervical embedding surgery. My wife has been diagnosed with recurrent miscarriage in Beijing Antai Hospital after 3 late recurrent miscarriages. We've learned from Dr. Chen that the late recurrent miscarriage was caused by cervical relaxation
A patient with cervical relaxation finally had a baby after seeking treatment for 10 years. The father sent a message to thank Beijing Antai Hospital. 

My baby has been born for a month today, thanks to Dr. Chen!
I am the baby’s father, i am 40 years old now. Beijing Antai Hospital has give me the chance to be a father. I’ve named my baby Angel, the name has 2 meaning, one as kind as a angel which is the Mongolian name, the other An is from Antai Hospital. We can’t have our baby girl without Beijing Antai Hospital. My daughter is very beautiful, we will come to visit Dr. Chen when she grows up. 
We have surprised local people because they knew we have been seeing doctors for many years. it was a miracle to them!
Dr. Chen replied to him saying: “congratulations to both of you! You don’t have to thank me, the better way to thank me is to let all the others know about Antai’s techniques, and pass the love on. 

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