The Infertility Checkups

Dr. Fenglin Chen was the very first doctor in the medical industry to propose "Commitment Hospitals" to patients. He indicates that “the hospital is a commercial operation and should be responsible for the consequences of treatment, so that patients can enjoy high-tech, high quality and fair medical services, which is welcomed and praised by all patients. 
Diagnosis and checkups of infertility: 
First diagnosis: it is better for couples to come to see a doctor together, bring the previous examination results and medical records, men and women are examined in separate rooms. Patients have to provide the true checkup history to the doctor, up to a quarter of infertility cases can be diagnosed simply by checkup history alone, which can significantly reduce costs and time. 
Checkup items are as below: 
Semen analysis, vulvoscope, colposcopy, electrochemical luminescence hormone detection, dynamic digital hysterosalpingography with iodine oil, 4D vaginal ultrasound, pituitary excitation test, laparoscopy if necessary.

Guidelines of infertility treatment 
There are more than 150 etiologies for infertility, you should know that treatment according to the etiology will be very efficient! And one more thing is that medical ethics and technology influence the outcomes. 

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