70% Severe Dysmenorrhea is Caused by Endometriosis

Many women think that dyszmenorrhea is a normal symptom and didn’t pay enough attention to it. But according to a news that posted on Chinanes.com, 70% severe dysmenorrhea is caused by endometriosis. Then what is endometriosis? What symptoms it has? What kind of results it will lead to?
Endometriosis is endometrial tissue appears at other body parts while normally it should only cover uterine cavity. Endometriosis is normally seen in childbearing age women, especially women aged from 25 to 45. Symptom varies due to different locations that endometriosis located. There are basically no symptoms in early stage of the disease but later it can be diagnosed due to dysmenorrhea and infertility. If the endometriosis is located in urinary system, it can cause blood uterine and if the endometriosis is located in nasal cavity, it would cause a bleeding nose. Since it can lead to dysmenorrheal and infertility, so timely treatment is crucial.

Then, what kind of treatment can we use to eliminate this disturbing disease?
Beijing Antai Hospital has four magic weapons: laparoscope, biotic adhesion-proof membrane, GnRH-a and getting pregnant. Laparoscope can destroy wrongly-located tissue but chances are big to conduct more than just once surgery; biotic adhesion-proof membrane will avoid adhesion, GnRH-a can help arrest ectopia cells from generating while getting pregnant can ease the ectopia cells from reproducing. In clinical practice, doctors will choose the suitable one for different patients.
There are some hospitals that will tell patients to do hysterectomy once they are diagnosed with endometriosis. Antai experts suggest that patients do not sign on this kind of surgery agreement form, since the endometriosis is a benign disease and hysterectomy is but overtreating. After hysterectomy, women will have no menstruation, no chance to get pregnant, an increased urine output, constipation and accelerated aging process.

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