Adenomyosis is An Erosive Disease


Adenomyosis is an erosive disease in which the endometrium is displaced to the myometrium. Beijing Antai Hospital removals the lesion under 3D endoscopic to ensure that no laparotomy and hysterectomy; Endoscopic b-ultrasound probe was used to determine the boundary of the lesion, which was conducive to accurate resection of the lesion and ensured no recurrence; Microwave knife cutting to clot to ensure no bleeding and no blood transfusion. The original shape of the uterus can be restored and there will be no dysmenorrhea and no recurrence after the surgery. Beijing Antai Hospital also promotes contract and commitment treatment for adenomyosis. 
Traditional laparotomy will not removal all of the lesion but also increase the chance of adhesion; And the so-called u-shaped hysterectomy is too aimless, It can’t clear the lesion precisely, and recurrence is inevitable. 

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