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Fenglin Chen is an international specialist in RSA (Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion) , he has been called the sniper of miscarriages, because he did the first scientific classification of RSA and invented specific diagnostic kit for immunological RSA and specific therapeutic genetic vaccine. He has been awarded the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award, owns U.S, EU and Chinese invention patents. Also developed a cold-knife dissection of the mediastinum and a pear-shaped support to prevent adhesion; The treatment of severe intrauterine adhesion is to perform allogeneic uterine mucosa transplantation; he invented the biological mucosa for pelvic adhesion; performs uterine fusion operation by laparoscopy for the single, incomplete and double uterus; invented the method of quantity supplement and reduce or stop medicine for luteal phase defect. At last, he invented cervical band implantation, which prevented the late RSA caused by cervical relaxation. Dr. Chen has definite and effective treatment methods for 92% of RSA.

RSA isn’t an independent disease. The original classification and diagnosis are not clear, there is no effective treatments, it was a major problem in the medical field.

Dr. Chen has devoted his life to the study of RSA, he did scientific classification and etiology sequencing according to the early, late, primary and secondary of RSA, Immune factors accounted for 67%, anatomical factors for 14%, endocrine factors for 11%, and others for 8%. In particular, he did basic research of the highest incidence of early immunological secondary RSA , found the real etiology was abactio resulting the generation of embryo antibodies in the body. He developed genetic vaccine based on the research, it clarified the etiology, diagnose and treatment of early RSA.

In 2003, with his technology of RSA, Chen fenglin raised 20 million RMB in Shanghai NewMargin Ventures and established Beijing Antai Medical Technology Service co., LTD (Antai Jiayuan Hospital), the hospital’s named after antai, which is a homonym for miscarriage prevention. It mainly treats all types of RSA, has developed the first commitment contract treatment system, which is full refund if didn’t achieve the goal, it rewrites the traditional medical model. The hospital accumulated abundant wealth by cured over 200,000 of RSA patients, the success rate is 98%, profit is up to 30%. RSA Institute was founded in the US in 2011; His family obtained the green card as outstanding talents in 2012; Beijing Haiying Maternity Hospital was established in 2015; The 2nd financing was successfully conducted in June 2016, and the hospital went public. The Miscarriage Prevent Institute was added to Los Angeles in Nov 2017, aim to take advantage of the good social environment of the US, high-tech software and hardware and matured new drug research& development system to consummate the patented kits and vaccines, it takes the road of industrialization and commercialization to benefit mankind.

He has been reported by Chinese and English media many times, such as CCTV2, Shandong TV Station, Hubei TV Station, People’s Daily, Science and Technology Daily, Life Times, Global Times, AFP, etc.

Chen Fenglin has extremely high reputations worldwide, he has more than 100,000 Google searches and 200,000 Baidu searches.

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