In 2003, based on Dr. Chen's technology and techniques, Dr. Chen financed  20 million RMB at the Shanghai Joint Ventures Investment Firm, and established Beijing Antai Medical Technology Service Co., Ltd, under which he established the Beijing Xinjing Antai Maternity Hospital (closed during relocation) and Antai Jiayuan Hospital. The name Antai comes from the Chinese translation of “protecting pregnancies”, and primarily treats various types of RSA. These hospitals are pioneers in serving patients with complete assurance, and offer contracts with a full money back guarantee should the final purposes of treatment be not met, completely changing the traditional principle of medical care. The hospitals receive annual profits of more than 20 million RMB. In all, Dr. Chen and his hospitals have treated nearly ten thousand cases of different types of RSA, and achieve a success rate as high as 98%.
Dr. Chen has patented his research and techniques on RSA under two separate patents: “Medicament and Method for Treating Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion” and “Methods for Diagnosing and for Monitoring the Treatment of Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion”. These patents were approved in the U.S., the European Union, and China, and received second place in the Beijing Science and Technology Progress Awards. Dr. Chen has also received much media coverage in China, including CCTV2’s “Healthy Way” program special feature “Immunotherapy of Habitual Abortion”, Shangdong Station Medical Program “The Great Doctor – Chen Fenglin”, Hubei Station’s special interview, and articles in the People’s Daily newspaper, the Technology Daily newspaper, and Life and Times newspaper. 

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