Dr. Fenglin Chen's Achievements

Dr. Fenglin Chen graduated from China Medical University with a master degree in 1994. He is not only the chief physician, but also the international authorized expert in recurrent spontaneous abortion(RSA), he’s been called the miscarriage sniper in the medical industry, the reason why is because he had the first scientific classification of RSA, who invented and developed the special diagnostic kit for immunological RSA and therapeutic gene vaccine, he won the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Reward, owns the United States, the European Union, and China invention patents, the cold knife separation and pear-shaped stent anti-adhesion were developed for the uterus mediastinum; Allogeneic uterine mucosa transplantation was used to prevent severe intrauterine adhesions; laparoscopic uterine fusion was developed for the single, residual angle of the uterus and double uterus; and then the method of dosing up and decreasing withdrawal was invented in accordance with a lack of luteal function; also invented the perineal high cervical ring ligation for cervival relaxation to develop a new way to prevent late abortion caused by cervical relaxation. At this point, 92% of recurrent spontaneous abortions have an effective diagnosis and treatment.
Recurrent spontaneous abortion is not an independent disease, its etiology is complex. Before, there was no classification and diagnosis were not clear, there was no effective treatment as well, it became a major problem in the medical community. Dr. Fenglin Chen devoted his life to the study of recurrent spontaneous abortion, he did the scientific classification and etiological rank were conducted according to early, late, primary and secondary four points, the immune factors accounted for 67%, anatomical factors accounted for 14%, endocrine factors accounted for 11%, and others accounted for 8%. In particular, the basic research on the early immunological secondary recurrent spontaneous abortion with the highest incidence was carried out, and discovered the real cause was induced abortion which lead to the body to produce anti-embryo antibodies, on this base, gene vaccine was developed to elucidate the etiology, diagnosis and treatment of early recurrent immunological abortion.

Dr. Fenglin Chen has a high reputation at home and abroad, which has been reported many times by Chinese and foreign media, such as: CCTV2, Shandong TV station, Hubei TV station, People’s Daily, Science and Technology daily, Life Times, Global Times, AFP, etc. He also set up his personal website, Blogs and Youtube channel, has more than 100,000 searches on Google, and more than 200,000 searches on Baidu. 

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