Dr. Fenglin Chen is a patented gynecologist and director of a maternity hospital in Beijing China. He specializes in treatments for miscarriages, infertility, water birth, hyperemesis, and many other Ob/Gyn areas. With great scientific and financial achievements under his experience, Dr. Chen is looking to develop his medical patents in the United States and spread his knowledge to benefit more of the world.
Habitual abortion, also known as recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA), is the phenomenon in which spontaneous abortion or cessation of fetal development occurs repeatedly within a set time frame during gestation. RSA occurs in 1% of all pregnancies. Recurrent spontaneous abortion is not an independent disease, but one with 43 known causes. Traditionally, classification and diagnosis of RSA both have been unclear, and no effective treatments were developed, posing a major problem in the field of professional medicine.
Dr. Fenglin Chen has dedicated his life to the research of RSA. He first performed scientific classification of RSA and studied its causes according to early, late, primary, and secondary properties. Dr. Chen then conducted research on the fundamental properties of autoimmune early secondary habitual abortion, the highest incident rate case of RSA, and found that the real cause is that intrauterine abortion and other similar operations can cause the body to produce anti-embryonic antibody. Based on his findings, Dr. Chen researched and developed a DNA vaccine which effectively treats early autoimmune habitual abortion; for cases of uterine septum, Dr. Chen developed anti-adhesion surgical techniques; for variants of intrauterine adhesions he performs endometrial transplants; for cases of unicornuate uterus, he developed laparoscopic uterine fusion; for luteal phase defects, Dr. Chen developed a treatment of need-based luteolysis adjustments. Recently, Dr. Chen also developed the cervical isthmic cerclage technique to prevent late abortion caused by cervical relaxation, opening new possibilities in the study and treatment of miscarriages. Today, Dr. Chen possesses definitive and effective treatments for 92% of all habitual abortions.

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