Future Development of Dr. Chen


With tremendous scientific and financial success, Dr. Chen is now seeking to bring his medical technology to the United States, where abundant environmental and technological resources are readily available. In 2011, Dr. Chen established the subsidiary company to Antai, RSA Institute Inc., in El Monte, CA. The purpose of this company will be to further develop the patented technologies—the RSA-specific diagnostic kit and the extremely effective DNA vaccine treatment. Using the advanced technology and equipment found in the U.S., the company will aim to commercialize these patented technologies to make them more easily accessible to the public.
Dr. Chen plans to purchase a piece of land or a used commercial building in the city of Murrieta for the site of the RSA Institute and a future Antai branch hospital. Dr. Chen hopes to employ the help of Mr. Howard Hom and make RSA Institute into a project that meets the EB-5 investment requirements. Dr. Chen plans to finance the RSA Institute and the Antai branch hospital through the Immigrant Investors Program from the USCIS, drawing at least 10 Chinese investors looking to come to the United States through EB-5 investment visa. With funds from foreign investors, Dr. Chen will direct both the RSA Institute and the Antai branch hospital. The branch hospital will employ at least 100 people and will administer services in RSA diagnosis and treatment, infertility, gynecologic microtrauma operations, and water births. The RSA Institute will hire at least 10 employees, and will use resources from the branch hospital to research and develop methods to commercialize the two patented technologies. 

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