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Two Cases of Uterine Malformation at Beijing Antai Hospital

uterine malformation
Mrs. Liu was a 28 years old women who went to the local hospital for B ultrasound examination when the miscarriage happend at 6 months of her first pregnancy, the result showed she has uterus didelphys.

Mrs. Liu was afraid of another miscarriage so she quit the job and stayed at home to prevent miscarriage, but it happened again after 6 and a half months.

After two miscarriages Mrs. Liu who decided to look for a better hospital, so she came to Antai on the recommendation of a friend, the expert of the outpatient department made a systematic diagnosis and treatment strategy for Mrs. Liu, which is to have reconstructive uterus under endoscopy.

The operation was very successful, she called 1 month ago to tell us that she was 3 months pregnant after 2 years. She said It has been going well, and she would love to come to Antai for water-birth.

Mrs. Zhong has been diagnosed with rudimentary uterus and was cured at Beijing Antai Hospital. Her sister is actually a doctor, but the local hospital told her that there is no cure, she can never conceive a child. And she has never gave up, she gets to know Antai through a friend who had been pregnant after the treatment at Antai.

Here is a letter from her, 

letter of the uterine malformation patient
Dear Dr. Chen,

Guess you must have been very busy.

I am ZHONG Yuping from Dalian. Do you still remember me? My little sister ZHONG Yuhong has gave birth to a 2.7kg baby boy (35 weeks, premature delivery) in 6 May this year. So far the baby is more than two months and weights 5.25kg, everything is going great. We thank you very much, it is your exquisite technology helped us, so we can have today’s happiness. By the way, i am sending you a photo of the baby today. We hope your hospital gets better and better, so it can help more people.

Thanks again.
Yours ZHONG Yuping
19 July 2010

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